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FM aerials and DAB aerials fitted in Leeds

To ensure you get the very best reception out of a radio it is wise to fit an aerial to the outside of your Leeds house. If you want to receive FM radio then we'll provide you with a multi-element (directional) aerial and point it at the nearest transmitter that is transmitting the BBC stations. If it's DAB you're after, we can help you by fitting the very best aerial we can to ensure that you receive the strongest DAB signals your location will allow.

We'll fit the lot!

To ensure you get the very best signal we'll fit exactly what is required.

  • FM aerials installed across Leeds and West Yorkshire
  • DAB aerials erected to ensure you get the best possible reception
  • Aerials fitted horizontally (FM/VHF) and vertically (DAB) to get the best reception
  • Radio aerial boosters fitted to get an even stronger signal in poor reception areas.
  • Quality cabling used throughout the installation
  • Wall outlets fitted, providing a clean, attractive installation

Low cost quotations

We pride ourselves on the fact that our pricing is extremely competitive. We also believe that we offer clients true value for money. Our technicians are skilful and highly experienced at fitting and installing FM and DAB radio aerials, so you're guaranteed that the job will be done properly first time around.

We also ensure that our technicians' work is clean and tidy, so that you don't have a mess to clean up after the installation of your TV aerial. 

Call us for your TV aerial installation on Leeds 0113 370 9120.

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