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Integrated Reception Systems Explained

IRS stands for Integrated Reception Systems which allows multiple housing units to receive satellite and terrestrial television signals using a single aerial or dish for each service. One of the major benefits of IRS is that it reduces the need for multiple pieces of equipment and multiple cable runs.In doing so, it reduces the need for complicated installations and reduces the need for expensive repairs down the line.

Effectively, IRS integrates all the digital terrestrial (TopUp TV and Freeview) broadcasts with digital satellite TV broadcasts (from Freesat and Sky TV) in to a single coax cable. From a user's point of view, IRS gives the viewer the choice to connect either of these services quickly and easily.

A fully communal aerial and satellite IRS System is probably the most flexible system to use when a communal aerial and satellite systems is required as it empowers the end user to decide what they watch or what they listen to. This is because the installation of twin down leads to the main viewing point gives the occupier the facility to choose between a standard Sky+ or a SkyHD option.

Our IRS systems are installed to the highest of standards and and are professionally commissioned to ensure that they are strong enough to withstand the whatever the British winter throws at them. The installations we do are specifically designed to provide trouble-free viewing for the end user.

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